Working with your talent development and leadership team, we will guide your team as they explore the Art & Science of Experience (Customer & Employee), including what it is, is not and the tools to design, activate and measure.

​Experience 101

Areas of Practice

Strategy design & development
Customer experience design & development
Employee experience design & development
Program/ project design, planning & management
Change management & integration
Operational efficiency & optimization
Purpose led strategy design
Leadership training

​validating purpose


Business process improvement & digitization
Business modelling & process re- engineering
Journey mapping, persona & value proposition design
Reporting, governance planning & management
Workshop/ training design & facilitation
Qualitative & quantitative customer analytics

Strategy facilitation & planning

​Agile, Sigma, Governance Models

​Experience ACTIVATION

For an experience strategy, and for that matter any strategy, to be successfully designed & activated, a clear understanding and commitment to the real purpose is critical. We will work with leadership and management to clarify, articulate and define the metrics of the purpose behind an experience strategy.

It is said strategy without execution is just a pretty powerpoint. We couldn't agree more. We will work with your PMO resources to design, resource and manage the projects and program structure, including governance, to turn the design of your experience strategy into on that your customers feel and drives your brand.

​Experience DESIGN

With the company's purpose validated, articulated and embraced, along with the fundamentals of experience design,we will guide & facilitate your teams through the experience design process. We will deploy the tools and methodologies that align customer value with economical return.


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