When I was 6, I loved transformers. And I don't mean I just watched the show and played with the toys. I mean I loved to do two things every time I saved up for a new "robot-in-disguise": throw the instructions away and keep all the packaging. Why? So, I could figure out how to transform the robot on my own, and build new, cool forts with the packaging. The latter, so much so, that my parents had to move the fort to the garage for space.

What’s this got to do with strategy, experience and authenegade? Today’s world is complex and the need for authentic experiences that are founded on reciprocity is more real than ever. Realizing this potential will take us down non-liner and ill-defined paths, that may not have a set of clear instructions. Equally important will be a need for creative solutions, that take inputs from a variety of sources, industries and methods and build something more than just the raw parts.

This is where I love to play. As a child and today. It is the foundation of my purpose


To inspire what could be, and provide the tools, guidance and support to do so.​

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​fear is a clear indication you are doing something right

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